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How to Prevent Errors When Building Your Home

Preventing errors is crucial to ensure a successful project. There are several key factors to consider, but let’s start with one of the most important: Synergy.

The Importance of Synergy

Synergy, or effective teamwork, is essential in construction. It means collaboration and alignment among all parties, from architects and engineers to on-site workers.

In construction, synergy involves everyone working together harmoniously. The architect designs the blueprint, while structural and M&E (mechanical and electrical) engineers contribute their expertise. For the project to succeed, these professionals must align their efforts.

There is power in synergy just like the broomstick analogy.

Ayobami Folarin

Architects often have strong feelings about their designs and the aesthetics they envision. However, the primary concern should be the structure’s integrity before focusing on aesthetics. Ensuring structural soundness requires cooperation among all engineers and the workers on site. This unified approach minimizes errors throughout the construction process.

Quality of Materials

Another critical factor in preventing construction errors is the quality of materials used. Compromising materials can lead to significant issues. For instance, if the casting isn’t done correctly and iron rods are still visible, it indicates a problem. Some might plaster over it, but this is not a real solution.

Using high-quality materials is non-negotiable. This includes everything from iron rods to concrete mixes. Ensuring that every component meets high standards is essential for a durable and safe structure.


Ensure all professionals and workers are aligned and working together. Never compromise on the quality of materials. Following these principles, you can minimize errors and achieve a successful construction project.

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