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Delivering Lasting Real Estate Value

We are shaping the future of real estate by building and nurturing neighborhoods for Africa’s housing needs


Homes designed for you.


Discover Comfort Made For You

RealForte is transforming the real estate housing market by establishing customized solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.
With over two decades of combined industry experience and a track record of providing value, Real Forte creates innovative and valuable real estate solutions for both near-term and long-term investors.

What we offer

Services that enhance your life


Taking your comfort into account, we provide suitable locations and housing solutions that appeals to your current needs.


Featured Properties


We are not only focused on building structures but building wealth for our investors and clients.


Take a step further today in securing your financial freedom. We have a number of investment plans and assets you can access to assist you in building wealth.


Our Amenities

We continue to improve in order to provide housing services using the most effective, sustainable, modern and up-to-date building and construction methods.

Security 24/7

Security guard services offer a multifaceted solution for property protection.

Social spaces

Social spaces in real estate foster connections, create a sense of community.

Eco-friendly Environment

Experience a sanctuary within the city. Discover expansive green spaces meet modern living, fostering a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.


Maintenance isn't just fixing leaks - it's preventing problems and preserving value.


More than a spot - it's convenience, a premium in urban areas, and can add value.

Sports Arena

We offer unparalleled sporting amenities, prime location, and endless possibilities for your athletic vision.

Commercial Building

Our property offers prime location, cutting-edge sustainability features, the ideal address for forward-thinking businesses

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